Bananas! Bananas! Bananas! Urban quilted pop art bananas.

Greetings! Hope all is well in your little corner of the world. Here in Quiltlandia, I've been hard at work on lots of new stuff for a big solo show I have coming up this summer. More details on the location and dates when everything is finalized... Anyhoo, I've been obsessed with trying to make all new work for this show, which is tricky due to how long it takes me to make quilts. But I'm trying my hardest to make it happen for all of y'all!

And... well, I went a little bananas. OK, a lot bananas. Twelve of them, to be exact! I found a stenciled banana pic in SoMa near my art studio and immediately pictured a bunch (no pun intended) of pop art bananas in tons of different colors. They are partly in homage to Warhol, who I've loved and idolized since my teen years, and partly just for fun. I've been enjoying making smaller multiples. It reminds me of silk-screening back at SAIC.

So, yeah, I made 12 of these and here's the first one. I wanted to urbanize it and make it more colorful by adding a graffiti background. Each of the 12 are completely different in color schemes, but all of them are obnoxiously bright (as per my usual). I've been going back to my painting daze by stretching the quilts over canvases, which I'm loving as it tends to really highlight all of the detailed stitching. Lately, I've switched to all 1.5" deep canvases, which has really made the work more lux. Welp, gotta run for now. Check back soon for more news on the new show. Cheers!