Since 2005 I have been making urban quilts: textiles inspired by street art, signage, and graffiti. Currently, I am creating a series of double portraits of women depicting their view of themselves versus how they are perceived by others. Women are looked at, but rarely seen. The quilts feature images of women alongside their own words in order to “talk back”. The process is collaborative; the woman depicted provides images and text. I am creating a room full of portraits to spark conversation and connection, and to provide a variety of diverse perspectives on what it means to be female. Additionally, I recently created a second series of artworks inspired by a collaboration with needlepoint artist Margaret Timbrell. We each created artwork based upon comments made to us about our art. My quilts depict the comments along with images of myself or Timbrell, based upon the person for whom the comment was intended. I designed bright and cheery floral backgrounds with heavy black text to create contrast; the text itself is often slightly derogatory, and thus also creates a contrast itself when compared to the look and feel of the quilt design. The images of Timbrell and myself look at the viewer sardonically and lend the quilts a gently sarcastic humor.