Hello! Thanks for your interest in my quilts. Here you will find more information on my “Faces and Places of San Jose” project and on my residency at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.

From October 8 to December 17th, I am hosting an open studio as an Artist in Residence at the Museum most Fridays from 11am-3:30pm, and most Saturdays from 11am-2:30pm (contact the museum for the exact schedule). I will also be attending the November and December First Fridays at the museum. During the Open Studio, I will be working on quilts and available to answer questions.

Also during this time, I will be working on a project called “Faces and Places of San Jose”. This will involve taking digital photographs of signage, graffiti, and buildings found in San Jose, and using the images to create quilts. This is where you come in! I need YOU to send me images of San Jose that you think would look great depicted in one of my quilts. The finished work (and images of the photos I used) will be exhibited on December 2nd as part of First Friday. You can easily upload a digital image to me using the form at the bottom of this page (please read The Legal Stuff first; by sending me your image you are granting me the right to use it).

What To Send:

Please send digital images of faces, graffiti, buildings, basically people and things you have seen in YOUR San Jose. Please only send your images that you have photographed. If you send images of people other than yourself you need their permission to use their image (let me know if the image is of you or of someone else).

What Works Best:

The images that work best are high contrast. Think easy to read text, images that are more line-based, photos of people that look more like a drawing than a photograph. Images that have lots of shading don’t really work. Please understand that I will use as many images as I can, but that I won’t be able to use all of the images.

Please Do Not Send:

Please don’t send images of people under 18 (unless you are their parent/legal guardian, or unless you can get their contact info to me so that I can get their permission). Please don’t send obscene or lewd images (no nudity). Thanks!

Last But Not Least:

Thank you for helping me create a quilt about San Jose! Please feel free to e-mail the upload link to friends or family who live and/or work in San Jose. While I cannot afford to pay you for the use of your image, I will send a free print of the finished quilt to anyone whose image I use in the design. Further, if I use your image, I may be contacting you to hear more about your image and to see if you’d like the original photo exhibited with or without a picture of yourself.


By uploading, e-mailing, mailing or otherwise giving my digital images and/or photographs to Amy Ahlstrom, I grant permission to Amy Ahlstrom to use the images in a quilt sketch, design, finished quilt, and print, without monetary compensation. I certify that I own the images and that I created the image. Furthermore, I authorize the use of my image for promotion, materials, and any other purposes in connection with the quilt deemed appropriate and necessary by Amy Ahlstrom. I understand that Amy Ahlstrom may or may not choose to use my image in a design.

I hereby agree to release, defend, and hold harmless Amy Ahlstrom and her agents or employees, including any firm publishing and/or distributing the finished product in whole or in part, whether on paper, via electronic media, or on Web sites, from any claim, damages, or liability arising from or related to the use of the photographs/digital images, including but not limited to any misuse, distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in taking, processing, reduction, or production of the finished product, its publication, or distribution.

I am 18 years of age or older and have read this release before uploading, e-mailing, or mailing my photographs and/or digital images, fully understanding the contents, meaning, and impact of this release. I understand that I am free to address any specific questions regarding this release by submitting questions in writing by e-mail prior to uploading my images, and I agree that my failure to do so will be interpreted as a free and knowledgeable acceptance of the terms of this release.

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